Become a better Badminton coach – Literature tips for the cold season


As a trainer, you have never learned – an important feature for a good coach is the continuous training for me – and not only in the specific field badminton but in the many cross-areas, a good coach should know.

If you have the time and often also financial resources available, then you should try to use the best possible sources. As trainers in training, these are usually other successful trainers and specialists who share their knowledge at continuing education and training courses, seminars or perhaps even in casual conversation.

 If your own time frame is limited, fortunately, today there are many top trainers or other leadership specialists who have published their own books in there is given you should use lightweight badminton rackets to play. Since the cold season, which seems to have begun so slowly in Germany, offers to read a good book again, I would like to give you some literature tips from my bookshelf, which can certainly help to develop and improve as a trainer.

 In a typical trainer training, you first of all get to know the specifics of each sport. Some pedagogy and psychology here, some conditioning and coordination training there – unfortunately, a trainer education cannot cover all areas comprehensively. Training is primarily about lightweight badminton rackets to play motivating your clientele for a goal and the corresponding training – to do this you have to be able to get involved in many different personalities and to know certain group processes. I can especially recommend four books on this topic. 

The book by Lothar Linz “Successful Team Coaching” provides a good and easy introduction with many practical examples – as well as Lothar as a speaker at the Trainer Academy, the book is also well received by many. 

I myself have been able to complete an apprenticeship with Reiss Profile Master at the Trainer Academy in Cologne. The whole Reiss Profile Construct was very helpful to my coaches as well as to my trainer colleagues for a better understanding of different athletes or types of athletes. For the trainer, in contrast to dry psychology books, it provides a simple concept with hints to the hand, which can help even without creating a profile for each athlete. As an introductory book, this is in my closet: “Reiss Profile”. 

Two books that are the very good and helpful idea of two highly successful coaches about their work with teams, on the one hand, The Winner Within by Pat Riley, who introduces the development and the years at the LA Lakers, with whom he is 9 seasons took the NBA title four times. On the other hand, the book by Bernhard Peters, which represents in leadership game, which made him a coach and leader during his time as a hockey national coach and how he developed in this role. 

 In addition to the psychology of the coach himself is for me for players still an Evergreen Winning Ugly by Brad Gilbert. He describes himself as a rather worse tennis player and describes how he played with mental strategies in the top 10 tennis world and there took place with interesting strategies against certain characters. 

 Relatively new to the book market is the third part of the book series by Heinz Kelzenberg, one of the founders of the German badminton world for me and still successful at TV Refrath. In “Badminton – Modern Junior Training” he sheds less light on the technical or tactical side, but on how to develop good badminton players in the youth field in the long term. 

 While the Sportartspezifik is often covered very well in training as mentioned above, for me the important topic about the condition and Athletic training clearly too short. It’s not just about the training itself, but also better know-how in this area often gives a much better understanding of the body and the movements of the athlete, in short, about what also happens on the pitch. 

If you could buy only one book, it would definitely be the “Ancient of Strength and Conditioning” – the NSCA with more than 700 pages covers everything from strength training including Olympic lifting techniques to endurance training to theoretical training What you need to know as a certified strength and conditioning trainer (CSCS) in the US – and that’s a lot. 

The works of Mark Verstegen (Core Performance, Michael Boyle (Functional Training and Gray Cook (The Perfect Athlete) are much more vivid and practical. In doing so, the book by Verstegen gives an introduction to the system of Athletes’ performance – surely one of the best in the world, that Boyle’s book gives a good insight into the world of functional training while Cook’s book gives the general understanding of movements and training exercises definitely improved.

If you would like to learn more about strength training, which is a bit self-promotion, you can, of course, download the e-book “Functional Strength Training in Badminton” – you can download it here for only 19.90 EUR and contains specially adapted for Badminton ideas for functional strength training including Olympic lifting techniques, bounce and medicine ball training, functional warm-up and many more. 



Custom Cabinets for Your Bathroom

If you have older home chances are your bathroom is seriously outdated. You may desire to make your bathroom look just a bit more modern and there are many ways that you can do this. One of the things that you can do to your bathroom to make it more modern and much more attractive is to install custom bathroom cabinets.

cabinet for your bathroom

Custom cabinets for bathrooms come in a variety of different colors and different styles. In fact, there are so many types of custom cabinets to choose from that it may be a difficult decision for you to make. For this reason, you may want to refer to some sort of home improvement magazines to obtain different ideas.

If you have the means you may even want to choose some sort of interior decorator to draw up the plans for your new bathroom. If you are doing yourself kind of person there are many guides since you can purchase which will help you learn how to do just about anything that needs to be done in your home.

Depending on how much detail you want to get into and how large the project you want to do, you may be able to do all the work yourself. However, if you are talking about ripping off old bathroom tiles and toilets for traveling off the wall and pulling up the entire floor to replace it then you may want to hire a professional or at least enlists the help of an able-bodied friend.

Guiding your bathroom is not always the easiest job, but it may be necessary if you plan to do a complete overhaul and install all new appliances and fixtures. You may also want to keep in mind that this would be an excellent time to go green and purchase toilets and showers that are much more conservative in terms of water usage.

You may not have to spend a lot of money to modernize your bathroom as most supplies and materials can be bought for a fairly reasonable price at your local home improvement store. However, if you are looking for a more upscale look you may wind up spending just a bit more money but the result may be worth every penny.


Old Fashioned Ice Cream Maker – More Than You Wanted to Know

In his book, Alton Brown’s Gear for Your Kitchen, Alton Brown says of old-fashioned ice cream makers, “Everyone loves ice cream, and the average American consumes more than 23 points a year. Maybe that explains why people have put up with those hand-crank machines for the last 150 years, and why they remain popular despite the invention of electricity in the development of the electric ice cream machine.”  So today, I’m playing the side of the defense and will be making the case for these old-timey devices. Here we’ll look a little into history, some advantages, and disadvantages, as well as how to get the most from your machine.

old age ice cream maker

I believe the story goes, it was the Roman emperors, who had servants, passing blocks of ice from far away lands, to make some of the first ice cream’s. Fast forward a few hundred years, and we find in 1846, a patent for an invention to make ice cream created by a lady named Nancy Johnson.

Hindsight is 2020 and so, unfortunately, she saw her patent to a local businessman who ended up getting rich. Now fast forward again another hundred and 50 or so years and we have the modern ice cream freezer, which uses a bowl that you put in your freezer. But today, many people still choose to use a hand-powered machine; why is that?

The old-fashioned, hand-powered ice cream freezer has quite a few disadvantages. For one thing, you need lots of ice and rock salt. They also have a reputation of being messy, with melted rock salt and ice slurry, leaking all over the place. All this, and you have to hand crank it for at least 20 or 30 minutes before you end up with a bowl of dessert. Well, I’ll make the case here, that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. First, if you really love ice cream, then you’re going to watch a hand-powered machine. You see when you crank the machine by hand, you receive feedback. More specifically, you can tell in the ice cream mixture is starting to freeze. That means, you can crank faster, and thus work more air into the ice cream. Air is essential to ice cream because, without it, you basically have a cream popsicle. So air is responsible for the mouthfeel. Another advantage is the amount of ice cream that you can make. Usually electric models, a common one and ½ quart capacities. Hand powered models on the other hand usually come in four or 6-quart capacities, so if you need to make ice cream for a lot of people you either need a lot of electric machines, or a hand powered one. The third advantage is because their hand powered, you can make ice cream anywhere. Want to go camping and have homemade ice cream? If you’re planning on using an electric model, you need a generator and a freezer. If you’re using a hand powered model, it’s a quick stop to the bait shop for some ice, whip up the mixture on your camping stove and voilà homemade ice cream in the middle of nowhere.

-As an aside, if you came to this page looking for a vintage ice cream maker manual this one for the white mountain ice cream freezer should help you out. I know there are many brands and such but a lot of them are pretty similar to the white mountain unit…anyways back to our regularly scheduled broadcast…

Before, I mentioned some of the disadvantages of a hand-powered ice cream maker. While there are some tips, that make those disadvantages a non-issue. So while you can’t reduce the amount of ice needed, bags of ice are very cheap and so I don’t think it really matters. If you’re going to the store, to get the ingredients for the ice cream mixture, you might as well pick up a couple of bags of ice, and that goes for the rock salt to. About the mess, many of the old-fashioned machines used wooden outer buckets, that was made up of slats rather than a solid bowl. As the ice melts, it would leak between the slats. The simple solution is to place the latest ice shavers in a larger shallow dish and use it in that. That way, the rock salt and ice slurry stays in the shallow dish and is easily discarded. Now about hand cranking, if you really can’t bring yourself to invest 20 or 30 minutes of manual labor into your favorite frozen dessert, there are electric motors that will do the work for you. However if your number one concern is about the quality of the ice cream you make, and you have children… or other family members, you might want to google the term division of labor. By that I mean, put all those freeloaders to work. Also, to make the ice cream maker more stable for hand cranking, my grandmother would place a towel over the machine and have my little brother sit on it while we would take turns cranking it. If you decide to use this tip, I want to point out that my little brother was fairly light at the time, perhaps no more than about 25 pounds or so. I don’t want to be responsible if 250 pounds, uncle Bob, sit on your machine.

older ice cream maker

By now, you’re probably wondering, where can I buy an old-fashioned ice cream maker? If you’re dead set on a new machine, you pretty much have one choice: the White Mountain ice cream freezer company, now owned by a rival, is about the only company making a machine of reasonable quality. These machines can be quite expensive, usually running around $200 or so. Because they last so long though, I don’t really think the price is so much of a consideration. Antique machines, on the other hand, are still quite usable and affordable on many of the auction sites. If you choose to go this route, please take caution. Before buying, you’ll want to know if the seller has a good reputation and also if the machine is working or not. Also, make sure that there are good photos and don’t hesitate to ask the seller for more photos. If the seller doesn’t answer your questions or is hesitant to send more photos, that’s a clue that you should probably look at a different machine. On the other hand, vintage machines are usually built to a much higher standard. And by vintage, I’m talking about machines from the 50s 60s and 70s. Finally, you want to make sure that your machine comes with all the parts that it’s supposed to have. If the seller doesn’t know, find a different seller.

Hopefully, by now, you’ve been persuaded that a hand powered/old-fashioned ice cream machine is a worthy investment. Their advantages outweigh the disadvantages and there are very simple workarounds for the disadvantages. Finally, I’m going to leave you with a couple of thoughts, that are really meant to be philosophic. It sounds kind of heavy for ice cream doesn’t it? It seems that this day and age, everyone is looking for a way to do everything a little faster and a little cheaper. A little faster and a little cheaper, in my mind, is just another way of saying a diluted experience. It’s a lot easier, to dump your ingredients into an electric machine, and go back into the living room and watch TV. In this scenario, it’s hard to imagine ice cream as the treat is supposed to be —- a long time ago only nobility could even get it. To close, I want to leave you with a quote from one of my favorite books, One Man’s Wilderness. “Eight and a half miles can be covered in minutes with a car on an expressway, but what does a man see? What he gains in time he loses in benefit to his body and mind.”





Should I buy a Smoothie Maker?


The first issue to consider may be – to buy a jug blender or a smoothie maker.

They are really similar machines and the main difference being that a smoothie maker has a tap to dispense the drink from. And tend to have push-button controls rather than rotary dials, so they look more modern.

Jug blenders perform the job of making thick fruit smoothies almost as well as smoothie makers. However, they are probably less of an attraction to encourage children to use to make healthy drinks.

I tend to find that the ingredients needed to make a home made smoothie cost around half that of a shop bought one – and with even greater savings over ones in a cafe.

A further advantage is that smoothies from shops are often pasteurized to extend their shelf life. This reduces their goodness.

What to look for in a Smoothie Maker

Some of the features to look for:

Speed settings Most will have at least two speeds. Sometimes called mix and smooth speeds. The more versatile ones have variable speeds which give more control. And others have a pulse setting to give a burst of power. Nearly all will be able to crush ice.

Non-slip feet Useful to stop the machine moving around.

Jug material Glass is less likely to scratch than plastic.

Cleaning Taps can be removable to make cleaning easier. And a removable blade and a dishwasher safe model makes cleaning much easier.

Lids Most include a strainer to filter out any remaining lumps.

Stirring sticks These fit through a hole in the lid, allowing you to move the ingredients around so that they get thoroughly blended.


Smoothies for dieters



Milk – 2 cups

Instant coffee – 3tsp dissolved in 1 cup of water

Ice – 2 cups

Sweetener – to your taste

This comes out as good as, if not better than the Starbucks Frappuccinos.

Ripe Banana

May not sound too attractive, but a good way to use up bananas that are processed in attractive food processors in 2019 past their prime – and the riper they are, the sweeter they are, so less need for sweetener.


Frozen bananas – 2

Frozen strawberries – 1 cup

Plain yogurt – 1 cup

Vanilla – 1/4 tsp


How to Efficiently Make Use of Small Desks in Your Home or Office

Due to space or financial constraint, it is possible you have decided to buy a small desk to use at home, or you were given a desk that is small to work within the office. This could be very challenging if you regularly have a lot of work to do. There are, however, some steps that you could take to ensure that it is easier for you to work with your small desk. Some of such steps are discussed below.

Small Desks

Always empty your desk at the end of every work day

It could be a wrong start to your day getting to your office and finding out that it is all occupied. Knowing that you might be having new items you have to place on the table first in the morning as well as the fact you need to continue work from the previous day, it will be best to empty your small desk at the end of the workday. By the time you come in for work, you will be glad and relieved to see that the desk, even though small, is completely free and empty. You subsequently have the freedom to determine what you want to bring on and what you do not want to bring on.

Items to be treated immediately as opposed to items you will need during the day

It is normal that there are usually documents you will update or other items you must work with on your desk every day. Do not immediately bring this item to the table when you know you might not have the chance to work on them until much later in the day. Instead, bring only what you want to immediately work on and take them away from the top of the desk once you are through with them.

Utilize space beside and under the table

Neatly arrange important items that you will need during the day or that you need frequently beside and under the table while making sure they don’t affect your comfort while sitting down as well as your freedom or those of your clients while they are moving around. This can help you stay more organized and reduce how frequently you go long distances to get items you need to work on. You will be able to save some time and effort.


Modern Black Coffee Table

Current modern Black Coffee Table Coffee Tables – Art for Your Living Room

Modern Black Coffee Table

Anybody can purchase an end table. In any case, next time you’re in the market for a Modern Black Coffee Table for your contemporary home; consider obtaining a piece that will accomplish more than hold your magazines and the TV remote. You can find many awesome present day footstools available that gives that magnificent impression in your lounge room. It is possible that they can be very impressive and most loved amongst your many possessions.

Japanese Style Table:

the Japanese type of table for example from a Tribeca excellent style, plus formed wooden legs and glass beat, to a much conventional Japanese made footstools that are created very low to the ground and comes with strong bottom in exceptionally Japanese Modern Black Coffee Table, dim color, present day provide style with wonderful current outlines.

Marcel Breuer:

Another extraordinary style option in present-day end tables is the foremost style from Marcel Breuer, with its straightforward dark top and silver metal legs. His end table with a connected table settling outline is particularly critical. Most acclaimed as an architect of landmarks, Breuer’s styles of furniture are in incredible demand.
Another to ponder about is Curvet’s designs in today’s footstools. Curvet’s style provides an all-embracing variety of options that includes modern Black Coffee Table popularly known as the “hotshot” arrange that resembles a curved glass foot stool plus a portion of Swiss cheddar that is a genuine gem.

Ray and Charles:

For American present-day end tables, consider Ray and Charles’ designs of Eames. Long circular tables to wooden tables made with cable bottom, advance coffee that shows that choosing the styles made by Eames is a good decision for today’s homes.

Kenshoma Styles:

This offers one of a kind advance modern styles that includes parts to a certain extent very customary. It has a table that is ocean star styled with wicker beat and teak legs. This style of the table includes teak legs and it is a general type of present-day coffee table that can also be used perfectly is a customary setting.
Put your resources into searching for an ideal current day modern black coffee table and you won’t regret it.


Lucite Coffee Table

Get Lucite Coffee Table and Decorate your Living Room

Lucite Coffee Table

Lucite Coffee table is ideal furniture when you want to display your beautiful carpet to advantage. The coffee table can have a top of the smoke glass with acrylic Lucite base. The Lucite legs catch the sun and color and spread it on the surroundings. The wear of the Lucite is consistent with use and age.

Lucite Coffee Table to brighten up the Entertainment Space

If the living room is spacious two Lucite coffee tables can be placed on either side the three seater sofa. They can hold a lamp and other artifacts to liven up the places. The smoke glass top and the Lucite base reflect the light that falls on the glass surface brightening up the place.
It provides a warm glow to the setting. This furniture is easy on maintenance and can be wiped with a damp cloth. The Lucite coffee table can hold a weight of 100 lbs.

Lucite Furniture for Living Spaces

Lucite furniture has a coolness of its own and is easy to clean. It will also last for many years. It is futuristic and timeless and is used in the manufacture of dining tables and a lot of other furniture like chairs with wing backs as well as tape dispensers.
Lucite is also used in the manufacture of bar carts, center tables, coffee tables, and consoles.  They serve a purpose for which they are used but do not distract from other items in the same place. It is ideal for small spaces.

A Lucite Coffee Table that can be used for Multiple Functions

Lucite coffee table is kept between two armchairs to hold a vase of flowers. It is also used to hold a cup of tea and a plate of snacks when entertaining. It has casters and a shelf that can be pulled out. It can also be used to hold the music player.
When you are entertaining it can be used as a bar cart to carry the beverages around. It can also be used as a trolley to carry the snacks to the guests when entertaining.
If you are deciding to buy a Lucite coffee table get one that can help in multiple functions.