Should I buy a Smoothie Maker?


The first issue to consider may be – to buy a jug blender or a smoothie maker.

They are really similar machines and the main difference being that a smoothie maker has a tap to dispense the drink from. And tend to have push-button controls rather than rotary dials, so they look more modern.

Jug blenders perform the job of making thick fruit smoothies almost as well as smoothie makers. However, they are probably less of an attraction to encourage children to use to make healthy drinks.

I tend to find that the ingredients needed to make a home made smoothie cost around half that of a shop bought one – and with even greater savings over ones in a cafe.

A further advantage is that smoothies from shops are often pasteurized to extend their shelf life. This reduces their goodness.

What to look for in a Smoothie Maker

Some of the features to look for:

Speed settings Most will have at least two speeds. Sometimes called mix and smooth speeds. The more versatile ones have variable speeds which give more control. And others have a pulse setting to give a burst of power. Nearly all will be able to crush ice.

Non-slip feet Useful to stop the machine moving around.

Jug material Glass is less likely to scratch than plastic.

Cleaning Taps can be removable to make cleaning easier. And a removable blade and a dishwasher safe model makes cleaning much easier.

Lids Most include a strainer to filter out any remaining lumps.

Stirring sticks These fit through a hole in the lid, allowing you to move the ingredients around so that they get thoroughly blended.


Smoothies for dieters



Milk – 2 cups

Instant coffee – 3tsp dissolved in 1 cup of water

Ice – 2 cups

Sweetener – to your taste

This comes out as good as, if not better than the Starbucks Frappuccinos.

Ripe Banana

May not sound too attractive, but a good way to use up bananas that are processed in attractive food processors in 2019 past their prime – and the riper they are, the sweeter they are, so less need for sweetener.


Frozen bananas – 2

Frozen strawberries – 1 cup

Plain yogurt – 1 cup

Vanilla – 1/4 tsp